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I’m currently available & looking for new opportunities.

Let’s work together

As a freelance software developer, I’m helping teams to achieve their goals faster. Aiming to deliver value from day one.

I work with product companies for extended periods. Last year I worked exclusively with Berlin-based startups like heycar and FactoryPal. I’m able to work with organizations of different sizes & stages (early-stage, bootstrapped, VC-backed).

Feel free to get in touch: contact [ at ] mestwin.net or book a call

My approach

In my day-to-day work, I’m a big fan of the iterative, step-by-step approach. In the teams, I was part of I strived for introducing good practices and improving the processes.

In a typical setting, I wear many different hats. When it comes to the codebase, I’m working on the back-end side most of the time. If needed, I’m also capable to jump into other areas (think of infra / front-end / hybrid mobile).  Besides, I also enjoy brainstorming & analyzing the business domain and writing things down.

My current tech stack includes (but is not limited to): Kotlin (back-end), Java, Spring, Angular, TypeScript, AWS

How to work together?

I’m working fully remotely from Poland (CET) with the ability to meet clients occasionally onsite (Berlin / London).

For our first interaction, I’d recommend booking a call with me using Calendly to get to know each other. Alternatively, you can drop me a message on contact [ at ] mestwin.net, or send me an invitation on LinkedIn.