Things I learned from working remotely as a software developer

Unexpectedly, during the past weeks, remote work became a thing.

Because of coronavirus pandemic, more and more organizations started to apply precautions. If only it’s possible, companies worldwide started shifting their teams into remote work mode and sending their employees to home offices.

If you didn’t notice this remote work trend recently, take a look at that Google Trends data:

Probably this is not how remote revolution was supposed to look like.

But if you just begin to work remotely these days or just preparing yourself for it, I have few things to share with you.

As I’m working remotely for a while now, I decided to gather simple rules I follow in order to work from home in the most effective way.

Although I work as a software developer myself, the tips I described here are quite universal and you can use it for barely any type of remote work.

Of course, depending on the organization or the project, your own situation may vary.  But I hope you’ll find something useful for you here.

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